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mardi, 07 janvier 2020 11:20


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New York, USA, 7 January 2020 – ID4Africa confirmed today the appointment of Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors from 48 African Countries for its 2020 Class.
The largest ever in terms of number of participating countries, the 2020 Class also features an unprecedented count of senior government officials at the level of director generals and permanent secretaries. In addition, the Ambassadors Program was expanded to include the appointment of Deputy Ambassadors for countries that have elevated populations and that are experiencing high levels of activities in identity matters. Seventeen countries applied and obtained Deputy Ambassador appointments in addition to their ID4Africa Ambassadors for 2020.

Executive Chairman of ID4Africa, Dr. Joseph J. Atick, said “This year marks an important milestone for a program that continues to grow and gain pertinence throughout the Continent. The growth is visible not only in the number of countries involved, but also in the intensity of exchanges with African governments that we experienced during the nomination and selection process. Governments across the Continent understand the importance of having an Ambassador at ID4Africa and were engaged more than ever in the search for their ideal representatives.” He continued. “This has resulted in what we believe is the best Ambassadors' Class ever. The appointed individuals are an exceptional group of officials who are empowered by their governments, accepted as representatives by their identity stakeholder peers in their countries, and who are highly engaged with the Movement and the cause of identity in Africa.”

A total of 65 Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors were inducted into the Class of 2020 from the 48 African countries that are now considered de-facto members of the ID4Africa Movement as a consequence of having gone through the process of officially selecting their representatives to ID4Africa. “There are many privileges, that go beyond influencing the Movement, for countries to be members.” Said Dr. Atick. “Each year, member countries can receive some financial assistance, as part of our Fellowship Program, to help support their delegations to attend the Annual Meeting.  In addition, they automatically get a seat on the ID4Africa Identity Council (IIC), which was launched in 2019 and in less than a year has become a very important body for pan-African policy deliberations and knowledge exchange on identity matters. The IIC is already providing guidance and advice to African institutions and holds its own meetings presided by the elected President and Vice-President."

This year, three Ambassadors—those representing Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Côte d’Ivoire— have successfully completed 4-year terms and had to retire to Ambassador Emeritus status ceding their positions to new appointees.  “This is another sign of maturation of the Program as it enters its 5th year. We have reached a point where Ambassadors’ term limits are activated, and orderly transitions dictated by the Ambassadors Charter had to take place.” Said Dr. Atick. “We sincerely thank the retiring Ambassadors for their pioneering service and for their contributions to identity matters in their countries and in Africa throughout their term.”
For the 2020 class, ID4Africa has appointed Ambassadors in the following 48 countries (one per country), and Deputy Ambassadors (one per country) in the 17 countries highlighted in bold:
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