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WHAT: The 2 nd
Edition of the Innovating Education in Africa Expo 2019,

Theme: Harness the Capacity of ICT to Ensure Inclusion, Quality and Impact in Education and Training in Africa.

WHEN: 20 th - 22 nd August, 2019

WHERE: Gaborone International Convention Center (GICC)

WHO: The Government of Botswana, Ministry of Basic Education in partnership with The African Union, Human Resources Science and Technology (HRST)

 H.E. Mr. Bagalatia Arone, Minister of Basic Education of Botswana
 H.E Prof. Sarah Anyang Agbor - AU Commissioner for HRST

OBJECTIVES: The workshop will focus on the following specific objectives:

i. Identify, profile and showcase ICT based innovative education solutions from across the continent for possible support including further development and replication;
ii. Provide a platform for education practitioners, policy makers, business sector and partners to exchange experiences, policies and challenges in enhancing education and learning outcomes through ICT based education innovation in Africa;
iii. Encourage and enhance research and innovation in education;
iv. Encourage the involvement of the business sector in education and skills development; and
v. Build capacity of Member States’ officials in strengthening the role of ICT in education

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